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We are proud to present artists whose murals are posted on the website. However, authors of many pieces remain unknown. If you find a mural and know the artist's name, please let us know (there is a link on the mural page) and we will be happy to update our records.

R. J. Allison

Rachel Rodi

Rafael Landea This artist has a photo

Ralph W. Stackpole

Ras Terms


Raul Martinez

Ray Bertrand

Raymond Patlan This artist has a photo

Regan Tamanui


Ricardo Richey (Apexer)

Richard Colman

Richard Kasten

Ricky Watts This artist has a photo


Rio Coffelt Roth-Barreiro


Robert Burg

Robert Gonzales

Robert Harris

Robert Minervini

Roberto Guerrero

Rocco Tyndale


Roman Cesario

RONE This artist has a photo

Russell Howze

Ryan Stubbs